Home Visits

Puppy Visits

There is nothing more energetic than a puppy, we would encourage you to quickly maintain a good routine for your puppy to follow, if you are unable to see to your puppy through the day we can offer a pop in and play service, where we can clean up any mess and ensure your puppy gets the stimulation during playtime that they will need to help them develop their skills.


Young puppies put unlimited demands on your home and family life, particularly with the amount of care they require throughout the day when you are unavailable to tend to them:

  • Young dogs will require large amounts of stimulation through out the day

  • Growing dogs may need regular feeding and hydration​

  • Inquisitive young pups can sometimes get themselves into difficulties within the home

  • Lonely, unstimulated pups often take out their energy on home furnishings & possessions

If you have a new puppy at home, chances are you aren't able leave work numerous times a day to give them a potty break, feed or keep her out of mischief. Puppy visits can shorten the amount of time it takes to housetrain your pup, as well as prevent messes, destruction and keep your new pal happy and content while you're away. 


All puppy needs are different, which is why we offer a free consultation and provide a bespoke service for the ever changing needs of your latest family addition:

  • Frequent house visits to check on your puppy’s safety in the home

  • Quality social time to interact with your puppy and provide stimulation


  • Regular home visits to feed, water and dispense medications and cleanup ‘little accidents’

  • Fun play time at home or out side in a safe open environment

Don't despair if you can't be home to tend to your puppy's needs, let us help you and your puppy and ensure that your young pooch will be safely waiting for you on your return home.

Happy Pup